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Foshan Meixin Technology Limited is a new-style manufacturing enterprise which was founded in 2005. Our company have specialized in OEM USB and SD card from the very beginning. We have professional and excellent design teams and we have cooperated on product design and function extension by ODM, OEM with many famous companies at home and abroad.

Yingbang specialized in manufacturing and selling Flash products including Custom USB, Logo USB ,and SD card.We own the professional electronic technology and the continuously innovative ability to design and develop products. We can constantly promote our products’ quality and supply customers with optimum performance value which is the best choice for gift promotion of your company as well as the foreign trade companies.

Free USB Samples for Evaluation

We aim to send all samples for next-day delivery. These samples are identical to the final product, except that they are non-functional. You can request samples here


We offer a wide range of Custom USB Flash Drives for you to chooseLearn more

How Do We Add Your Logo?

To represent your logo as accurately and attractively as possible, we offer you 4 different branding techniques, each with their own advantages.Learn more

Fast shipping for Using USB Flash Drives

Based on past experience, when the courier to most parts of Hong Kong, about one day. Learn more

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